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Alumni Spotlight: Krystina Morrill
sjabushaban | 30 June

Alum Krystina Morrill Stars in “The Office Musical” Krystina Morrill graduated from Marin Ballet in 2018 and from Hartt School,

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Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Scarpello
sjabushaban | 16 June

Introducing Stephanie Scarpello, Marin Ballet Alumna: Stephanie Scarpello embarked on her dance journey in 1988 at the age of four,

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2023 Graduates
sjabushaban | 15 May

Reflections from our Graduating Seniors We salute our graduating seniors and congratulate them for finishing their Marin Ballet training with

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Corinne Jonas Alumni Spotlight
sjabushaban | 4 May

Corinne Jonas | Marin Ballet Alumni class of 1985 Mrs. Jonas Reflects on Marin Ballet: From Student to Professional to

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Alumni Spotlight: Rulan Tangen
sjabushaban | 24 February

Alumni Spotlight: Rulan Tangen At Marin Ballet: 1981-1983 Rulan Tangen discovered her passion for dance in a dream she had

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Alumni Spotlight: Elaine O’Malley Cotillard
sjabushaban | 26 January

Alumni Spotlight: Elaine O’Malley Cotillard At Marin Ballet: 1989-1998 Elaine’s love affair with ballet started at age three, when her

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Alumni Spotlight: John Lam
sjabushaban | 17 January

A Q&A with Marin Ballet alumnus John Lam By Elaine O’Malley Cotillard Q: You came to Marin Ballet at such

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67 Nutcrackers…but who’s counting?
nancy rehkopf | 17 November

Actually, we are.  Marin Ballet will  celebrate its 60th anniversary next year, but we were surprised to look through the

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Ballet Fun Day Recap
sjabushaban | 24 August

On August 13, we had a chance to introduce our pre-ballet program to prospective parents and their young children in

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A New Leadership Team at Marin Ballet
jordancreative | 13 June

Dear Marin Ballet Families, Students, and Alumni- It is my great pleasure to share with you the next leadership team

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Alum Monica Barbaro co-stars with Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick
nancy rehkopf | 27 May

Marin Ballet graduate, Monica Barbaro (31), switched from dance to acting in college.  But the strength, agility, and stamina that

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The Ballet Alliance
jordancreative | 13 May

The Ballet Alliance adjudications in April were a big success. Marin Ballet presented Tidal by student choreographer Gabriela Miotto Leal.

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