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Happy Birthday to Us!
Connie Zabokrtsky | 21 February

It’s not rhetoric when we talk about generations of alumni – particularly when our pre-history goes back to 1950.  At

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Valentine Tango for Birthday #56
Christina Johnson | 14 February

At Marin Ballet we see dance as a valuable, life-enhancing, community-enriching tool capable of fostering deep connection and communication on

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What’s up with Be Social:
Christina Johnson | 18 October

“What are Marin Ballet’s “Be Social:” classes all about? Dance throughout history is an integral part of every culture, ranging

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Nutcracker Surprise is no surprise
Connie Zabokrtsky | 18 October

Underneath the hubbub of rehearsals, production specs, and marketing for Marin Ballet’s Nutcracker, there is a project that quietly marches

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David’s Keys and Connections
Connie Zabokrtsky | 18 October

It was a wonderful gathering!  Music Director David Shepard’s retirement send-off on October 6th was a heartfelt reminder of what

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