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2024 Marin Ballet Graduates

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Reflections from our Graduating Seniors

We salute our graduating seniors and congratulate them for finishing their Marin Ballet training with grit and grace. We are excited to see what they will accomplish in their next stage in life. Their dedication, hard work, and passion for dance have truly shone through, and we couldn’t be prouder of each one of them.

Here are some reflections from our graduates about their experiences at Marin Ballet.

“After 15 years at Marin Ballet, I will carry the life lessons, friendships, and memories with me when I step out of those doors one last time. Marin Ballet will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am beyond grateful for the dedicated teachers and supportive atmosphere.” – Kaden Hisanaga

“I leave Marin Ballet with more fulfillment, motivation, and perseverance that I will carry with me in the next chapters of my life.” –  Lili Jackovics

“The nurturing nature that diffuses throughout the school encouraged me to explore how to express myself and have the confidence to take up space in the world.” –  Catherine Louie

“Throughout my time here, I have experienced a rich contrast between hard work and humor, which after 10 years at Marin Ballet has manifested into many great friendships and powerful life skills.” – Haley Ritchey

“Marin Ballet has taught me the importance of small things, and I’ve learned to lead with grace, respect, and celebration, making every moment count.” –  Addy Samway

To all our graduates, thank you for your hard work and the vibrant spirit you brought to Marin Ballet. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and look forward to seeing the heights you’ll reach. Keep dancing and shining brightly!