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2023 Graduates

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Reflections from our Graduating Seniors

We salute our graduating seniors and congratulate them for finishing their Marin Ballet training with grit and grace. We are excited to see what they will accomplish in their next stage.

Here’s what they have shared about their time at Marin Ballet.

“Because of Marin Ballet, I have become a person who is confident, determined, motivated, and ready to take on whatever lies ahead. For that, I will always remember Marin Ballet.”
– Marisa Little

“I am walking away with more fulfillment, resilience, adaptability, and grace than what any other after-school activity/sport could have given me. I would like to remind the younger students at Marin Ballet (especially my golden eggies!) that although hard work comes with pain and occasional dips in motivation, if you continue to persevere it’s all worth it in the end. I will forever cherish my memories here at Marin Ballet and the magic of dance will continue to thrive in my heart.”
– Kianna Davis

“I cherish every moment of class, preparation for performance, and finally the shows with Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Jonas, Ms. Johnson, Ms Adam, Erica, Casey, Ms. Jennings, Ms. Hader, Ms. London, Mr. Kato and Ms. Lucas. I am so appreciative of all the different perspectives I was able to experience at Marin Ballet, as each of these teachers entwined their own knowledge and experience into their teaching.”
– Ella Kharrazi”

“If you’re reading this as a young dancer or aspiring ballerina, I advise you to always believe in yourself no matter how hard it may get…So take up space, be bold, go for that double pirouette, as if nobody’s watching or judging you. Let ballet be an outlet for dancers where they can express themselves physically and emotionally through unity, inclusivity, and growth. I hope to continue to inspire belief in one’s self, self-advocacy and empowerment for other dancers in my future dance community.”
– Melina Drazien

“The skills I’ve learned at Marin ballet have also been carried into my life outside of the studio. The meticulousness and exactitude (as Ms. Adam likes to call it) of the art form helped me develop a good work ethic and self-discipline. My ballet training has also instilled in me a welcoming attitude towards critiques, as I’m always striving to improve. As excited as I am to embark on a new, exciting chapter in my life, I’m sad to be turning the page on my time here at Marin Ballet– a place that’s been in my life for 15 years. But even when I’m no longer dancing every day, I will always hold the mental state of a dancer and carry what I’ve learned throughout my future endeavors.”
– Annika Davis

“Marin Ballet has taught me to push past my limits and smile through the pain. I’ve learned that no matter how many times you fall down, the important thing is to just keep getting up. It’s taught me the value of persistence and dedication as well as how to be detail-oriented and disciplined. I know that I will take these lessons with me wherever I go.”
– Tia Blok

“As my journey at Marin Ballet comes to an end, I want to thank the people who have made it possible. All of the teachers and staff at Marin Ballet have graciously guided me through each new level and have been great role models for my classmates and me. I appreciate all the work you put into making Marin Ballet a welcoming and fulfilling place for all.”
– Gillian Mahl

“I am forever grateful for the experiences I had at Marin Ballet. My technique was established by Mrs. Klein in level three and Ms. Hader in level five, and I still remember the corrections I was given. I learned about the art of ballet with Ms. Jonas, and I was presented with a different style of teaching with Ms. Xiao and Ms. Adam. Under the influence of Mr. Kato, I was constantly challenged with new steps and variations. I would also like to appreciate Quinn and my whole class for being supportive.”
– Bu Wei He