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Ballet Fun Day Recap

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On August 13, we had a chance to introduce our pre-ballet program to prospective parents and their young children in a unique Open House. The students took an age-appropriate mini-class with our instructors, Laura Skapik, Stephanie Scarpello and Laurie Klein to get a taste of the joy of dance. Then, the students made a ballet-themed coloring book while their parents listened to each of our teachers share their approach to helping young children enjoy dance. A major theme was the loving encouragement that each of our teachers uses to inspire young children. Parents were pleased to hear that their child’s individuality would be respected while helping them gain mastery over their bodies.

After refreshments, parents and students were treated to a demonstration class presented by School Director Ms. Hader’s Level 6 and 7 dancers. These students did a great job of providing a glimpse of what diligent young students can achieve. Afterwards, Ms. Jonas thanked the students volunteers with special treats, just for them.

We loved introducing our wonderful pre-ballet program to interested parents. We think the kids liked it too.

Nancy Rehkopf
Executive Director