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2023 marks the 60th year since Leona Norman and a dedicated group of volunteers founded the Marin Civic Ballet Association.

To honor our anniversary, we are raising $60,000 for the Laurie Klein Scholarship Fund. 

The Laurie Klein Scholarship Fund was established in June of 2022 on the 50th anniversary of Mrs. Klein’s role as a teacher at Marin Ballet.  Its purpose is to provide financial aid to deserving Marin Ballet students. Currently 10% of our students receive scholarship assistance, increasing the accessibility of ballet training for a diverse set of young dancers.

Laurie Klein’s student-centric approach to dance education, which addresses the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the student, has defined the culture of Marin Ballet. She has taught more than 1,000 students since 1972. A Marin Ballet graduate herself, Laurie trained during the 50’s with founder Leona Norman and was a member of the original Marin Civic Ballet. She joined Norbert Vesak’s Western Dance Theatre, performing in Canada and the northwest, before returning to Marin Ballet as a faculty member. She is still teaching!

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