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Ballet Prep

Classes are designed for students entering Kindergarten and first grade. Students learn age-appropriate ballet steps, folk dances and combinations.

Ballet Prep 1: For 5 year-olds

Students entering Kindergarten will enjoy imaginative exercises while developing strength, coordination, rhythm/counting skills and musicality.

Ballet Prep 2: For 6 year-olds

In our class for first graders, we introduce new and more challenging exercises and skills, building on what students have learned in Ballet Prep 1. Students will learn new stretches, folk dances, combinations, and step variations as they grow in strength and coordination. Skills are fine-tuned to prepare them for Level 1 in our Primary Division the following year. 

Schedule and Fees

Pick one class per week:

Ballet Prep 1

Per Quarter:$200

Wednesday | 4 – 5pm, or

Saturday | 10 – 11am

Ballet Prep 2

Per Quarter:$200

Thursday | 4 – 5pm or

Saturday | 10 – 11am

Would your child like to try a class?

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