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Ballet Program FAQ

The Ballet Program, is designed to be taken in its entirety. Registered students attend a training program for the entire school year as well as a Summer Intensive.
Drop in Ballet technique classes are available for our Adult Community, including both Beginning Adult Ballet classes and Int/Adv Technique classes.

For children ages 8 and up, the full-time program is by placement audition only. Please contact info@marinballet.org requesting information and a placement audition. Please include basic information about your child and his/her previous training; name, age, school grade, previous dance schools, hours of training per week, other forms of dance taken, and for ladies, number of years on pointe, if any.

Marin Ballet offers a specialized training program when male students reach Levels 5-9. Besides training with their respective levels, they have separate Boys Classes, including technique, repertoire, strength training and conditioning.

The mission of Marin Ballet is to provide excellent classical ballet training and education, and promote the art of dance. Besides our Ballet technique, Pointe, Repertoire and Boys Classes, students have had the opportunity to train in Contemporary Technique, Character Dance, and West African Dance whether in our School Year Program or during our Summer Intensive.

Customer entrances and exits, and points of interaction, are equipped with proper sanitation products, including hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes, and no-touch trash containers.  Hand-washing facilities will be available and will stay operational and stocked at all times. Additional soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer will be supplied, when needed.
Sanitizing supplies are provided to promote students’ and employees’ personal hygiene. This includes tissues, no-touch trash cans, hand soap, adequate time for hand-washing, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and disposable towels.
All shared equipment and touchable surfaces are cleaned and sanitized between each use.

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