Marin Ballet has transitioned to a full offering of in-studio classes with consistent safety protocols.

Enrollment is Ongoing All Year Round!

Marin Ballet provides a standards-based dance education that equips students with the tools and vocabulary to perform at their best.  Collaborations with guest choreographers, both a ballet and contemporary syllabus, and an emerging (student) choreography initiative inform a year-round training program.

Classical Ballet Program

Drop-in Classes, Workshops & Gatherings


This is MB’s multi-generational drop-in gathering place to dance, create, converse, listen in, or play together…..for the joy of keeping bodies moving, minds growing, and connecting with others.
You needn’t be enrolled in our ballet program to enjoy the art of dance at 100 Elm.

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Culture & Community

MB is committed to supporting teachers and schools engage students in the school day with what we call Arts-in-Action Learning.  This free program targets grades K-8 WITH cross-cultural dance and music experiences. Students explore movement vocabularies, choreograph with peers, and enjoy movement-based games designed to integrate with math, science, history, and language arts.  All delivered with mindful respect for safety protocols at each school site and with our staff masked and ready for action!

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Dance Ed Partnerships

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Creative Movement Exploration

A weekly 45-to-60-minute class safely engages little bodies ages 3 -4 in creative movement and exploration.

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Ballet Prep

Introductory Ballet Prep is for girls and boys enrolled in Kindergarten – 1st  grade.
Classes are based on the fundamentals of dance, music, and energetic bodies and imaginations.
PLUS…MB’s seasonal Culture & Community Classes are included in MB’s Ballet Program tuition (for student families too!)

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Ballet Prep

Levels 1-4

The beginning ballet syllabus starts with young dancers with little or no dance experience and continues through pre-pointe.  Girls and boys ages 7 to 10 are grouped by grade level.
MB’s Culture & Community classes and gatherings are included in the Beginning Ballet Program with both students and their families invited to join in and stay connected.

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Beginning Ballet

Levels 5 - 7

Dancers ages 10 to 13 train in like age groups as they transition to pointe work and advance through the ballet syllabus.  Classes include technique, pointe, contemporary, and strength/stretch/pilates infusions.  Voluntary Culture & Community classes are included in the Intermediate Ballet Program providing students with mentors, social connection, and healthy fun (families are invited to participate too!).

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Intermediate Ballet

Levels 8 - 9

Summer is the time to get back in shape!

Experienced dancers ages 14 – 18 train multiple days per week within a multi-age setting.  Classes include technique, pointe, contemporary, and select strength and stretch infusions.  Dancers and families are invited to join in our Culture & Community offerings as part of tuition in MB’s Classical Ballet Program.

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Advanced Ballet


A ballet workout to start the day!

For dancers training to stay in shape and adults looking for a mindful workout take our morning class in-person or streamed live with Julia Adam and Casey Thorne.

If you’re new to ballet, try our Beginning Adult Class with Laurie Klein

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Adult Ballet

We applaud and appreciate the supportive connections, culture, and commitment of our MB Community!  Thank you!

summer '21 contemporary ballet in the house

Levels 8 & 9 with Casey Thorne, MB Faculty

I wouldn't change a thing about my amazing experience at Marin Ballet.

Nikita Dimova-Park, 2020 MB Graduate

It was fun dancing in an open space...even when a bear showed up and went under the porch!

Level 8 Student 

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