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Marin Ballet through the lens of alumna Lindsay Thomas

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It is always a joy when Marin Ballet alumna come back to visit, and better yet, to work! MB alumna Lindsay Thomas joined us at the end of our summer intensive to take photos of students and faculty. Ms. Thomas began training at Marin Ballet around 1992 and graduated as a senior in 2005.  After college, she received a summer internship in the Marketing Department at Pacific Northwest Ballet, and still works there today as their Videographer/Photographer. Thomas reflects,

“It’s a dream job I never imagined having, considering my double major in Psychology and Dance, but through extracurricular activities, passion, and some luck, I’ve been able to make it my full-time job.”

Dancers transition into a myriad of careers, capitalizing on the strong work ethic, professionalism, and skillful collaboration that comes with devoted practice.

“Ballet taught me drive,” Thomas says. “Whenever something is difficult, I tell myself you can do this, nothing can be harder than the third act pas de deux of Sleeping Beauty.”

Beyond resilience, ballet training also gave Thomas a unique eye for photography and videography. “I joke that being a good dance photographer can sometimes just mean knowing which photos to delete.” Marin Ballet has always trained to performance. Ms. Thomas’s favorite memories from her time at Marin Ballet are rooted in performing in our annual Nutcracker. She also recalls the thrill and satisfaction of having a great class,

“That class when you’re just on!” There’s no greater feeling – unless you’re also doing it with your best friends!

Ms. Thomas offers this advice for young dancers studying at Marin Ballet today:

“If you are interested in something, try it. Instead of spending tonight scrolling through Instagram, find a Youtube video that will teach you a new skill. Ballet teaches you discipline, and that can be applied to absolutely anything in your life.”