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Happy 58: New norms and timeless passion

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Over the past 23 years, Artistic Director Cynthia Lucas – a Marin Ballet alumna herself –has honored the accomplishments of founder Leona Norman by contributing her own clarity of vision and unwavering commitment to the standard of excellence that defines Marin Ballet. Cynthia and her faculty ably and creatively engage the passions of each up-and-coming generation of dancers with a hands-on philosophy of classical foundation and aesthetics. Like everyone in 2020, we experienced changes we could not have imagined.  Ballet classes and performances went virtual. Faculty, musicians, staff, students, and parents adapted to new norms and training continues. As we celebrate our 58th Birthday we are reminded of how the work ethic of our past has shaped our present will inform our program and performances as we look to the future.

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Happy Birthday Marin Ballet….and Many Happy Returns!