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Happy 58: Marin Ballet is Here to Stay!

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Marin Ballet transitioned from a privately-owned ballet school to an arts non-profit in 1963.  This was innovative thinking at the time here in Marin County.   We were gifted 100 Elm Street in 1972.   Again, this was a big idea put to action.  Vision has always been at the heart of Marin Ballet’s dedication to classical ballet training and promoting the art of dance. Over the years a culture of giving has sustained both vision and heart.  Marin Ballet uses the metaphor of “pillars of strength” to acknowledge that the strong foundation upon which everything that MB does today is the effort of those who have come before us.  In that same vein, it is through the amazing ongoing support of our various constituent groups – current students and families, alumni, alumni families, grandparents, friends, sponsors, volunteers, faculty, staff, and musicians that, at 58-years and counting, MB is “Here To Stay.”  We appreciate the continued support of friends and patrons as we look ahead to a future of renewal and rejuvenation.  Giving online is a great way to connect.

Sing a birthday song with us……we have so much to be grateful for….take a glimpse……..

Happy 58th Marin Ballet!