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Collaborating with Our Community
Casey Lee Thorne | 15 March

In honor of Marin Ballet’s Birthday, we wanted to share all of the amazing programming we have developed to be

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Happy 58: Marin Ballet is Here to Stay!
nancy rehkopf | 19 February

Marin Ballet transitioned from a privately-owned ballet school to an arts non-profit in 1963.  This was innovative thinking at the

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Happy 58: We’ve always been in it together!
nancy rehkopf | 18 February

This past year changed how we connect but not how we feel about one another, nor what connects us.  Marin

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Happy 58: New norms and timeless passion
nancy rehkopf | 17 February

Over the past 23 years, Artistic Director Cynthia Lucas – a Marin Ballet alumna herself –has honored the accomplishments of

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Happy 58: 100 Elm is ready and waiting!
nancy rehkopf | 15 February

Thanks to the vision and determination of key founding members of the MB community – notably Phyllis and Max Thelen

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A Year in Review
Casey Lee Thorne | 31 January

Marin Ballet continues its commitment to developing new and existing programs to evolve our virtual dance education and performance opportunities.

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A Testament to the Times: MB’s Virtual Nutcracker Vignettes
Casey Lee Thorne | 8 December

You may not be able to see Marin Ballet’s Nutcracker at the Marin Civic Center this year, but we have

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Alumna Story: Susan Dawson (2017)
Christina Johnson | 7 July

Marin Ballet has a rich 57-year legacy in the Marin community. We have had hundreds of students come through our

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Dancing in Place
Christina Johnson | 22 June

Like so many other fields, our world of dance has gone virtual…for now! It took a week after the Shelter

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A Perfect Trio @ MOCA
Christina Johnson | 29 April

On Friday, May 10th, Marin Ballet will be part of a unique collaboration between the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art

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Taking New Rep to TBA Festival 2019
Christina Johnson | 29 April

We’re so excited to have our Level 8 and 9 students heading to the inaugural festival of The Ballet Alliance

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Happy Birthday to Us!
nancy rehkopf | 21 February

It’s not rhetoric when we talk about generations of alumni – particularly when our pre-history goes back to 1950.  At

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