Training at our advanced level is a study in refinement of technique, an increasingly complex aptitude for choreographic styles, traditional and individual artistry, and self-awareness relative to the art form.
Based on a year-round syllabus, dancers train a minimum of 5 days per week after school and on Saturdays.  Studio hours for classes and rehearsals may exceed 15 hours per week.

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LEVEL 8 completes the transition from Intermediate to Advanced Ballet training.  Refining fundamentals, building stamina, sustaining the nuances of choreography, and working to a cohesive aesthetic are essential elements of the daily work. Complexity of performance material increases.

LEVEL 9 culminates Marin Ballet’s training program. Gradation of syllabus becomes more individual based on the skills, artistry, and goals of each student.  Likewise, working as a corps de ballet remains essential as performance repertoire expands to include pre-professional works.

Advanced Ballet


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