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Advanced Ballet

Training at our advanced level focuses on refinement of technique, development of individual artistry through both classical ballet and contemporary work, and healthy ballet fitness.  We train-to-performance and are pleased to offer our annual Nutcracker in December. In 2023, there are our Spring Concerts and an extra weekend of performances for our 60th Anniversary Celebration.

LEVEL 8 & 9 completes the transition from Intermediate to Advanced Ballet training.  Refining fundamentals, building stamina, and sustaining a cohesive aesthetic are essential elements of the work.  Contemporary ballet continues to be part of advanced syllabus. 

Dancers train five days a week from Tuesday through Saturday.

Dancers in Levels 8 and 9 collaborate with visiting choreographers and work in multi-age groups to support one another in voluntary student projects of original choreography.  Advanced dancers are also invited to serve as mentors to younger dancers as ‘Ballet Buddies.’

LEVEL 9 culminates Marin Ballet’s training program with a classical and contemporary syllabus that becomes more individual based on the skills, artistry, and goals of each student.  Marin Ballet’s faculty supports each dancers’ relationship with dance as they continue to train and transition through high school.

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