Covid Protocols, Enrollment, Performances

MB's COVID-19 Info

Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times in the building for students, staff, and faculty. Any student, faculty, or staff refusing to wear a mask will be excluded from the on-site program and will have to participate in the online program only. 6-foot physical distancing must be maintained throughout the building, including the studios, bathrooms, hallways, and offices.

At their assigned time, students should arrive via the front entrance of the building. Students will line up 6 feet apart for temperature and symptom screening. Students will be screened initially with a touchless thermometer. If they’re reading is 100.4 F or above, they will be asked to step aside for a second temperature screening with a regular thermometer. If secondary testing confirms elevated temperature, the student will be required to leave immediately.
Parents/caretakers should wait in our parking lot until they receive confirmation of admission from their dancer. Parents/caretakers are not permitted to accompany their students into the building.

Customer entrances and exits, and points of interaction, are equipped with proper sanitation products, including hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes, and no-touch trash containers.  Hand-washing facilities will be available and will stay operational and stocked at all times. Additional soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer will be supplied, when needed.
Sanitizing supplies are provided to promote students’ and employees’ personal hygiene. This includes tissues, no-touch trash cans, hand soap, adequate time for hand-washing, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and disposable towels.
All shared equipment and touchable surfaces are cleaned and sanitized between each use.

Ballet Program FAQ

The Ballet Program, is designed to be taken in its entirety. Registered students attend a training program for the entire school year as well as a Summer Intensive.
Drop in Ballet technique classes are available for our Adult Community, including both Beginning Adult Ballet classes and Int/Adv Technique classes.

For children ages 8 and up, the full-time program is by placement audition only. Please contact info@marinballet.org requesting information and a placement audition. Please include basic information about your child and his/her previous training; name, age, school grade, previous dance schools, hours of training per week, other forms of dance taken, and for ladies, number of years on pointe, if any.

Marin Ballet offers a specialized training program when male students reach Levels 5-9. Besides training with their respective levels, they have separate Boys Classes, including technique, repertoire, strength training and conditioning.

The mission of Marin Ballet is to provide excellent classical ballet training and education, and promote the art of dance. Besides our Ballet technique, Pointe, Repertoire and Boys Classes, students have had the opportunity to train in Contemporary Technique, Character Dance, and West African Dance whether in our School Year Program or during our Summer Intensive.

Culture & Community FAQ

Culture and Community has been created as a drop-in program to promote connection, creativity, and to keep people moving! These classes are open to the General Public and Marin Ballet Students and Families.
The Ballet Program, is designed to be taken in its entirety. Registered students attend a training program for the entire school year as well as a Summer Intensive. If you are registered in our School Year 2020-2021 Ballet Program, the additional “Culture and Community” classes are included at no additional charge and considered optional.

We offer two fun and engaging classes for pre-school age children and their families. Daddies/Mommies and Me is designed for 3-4 years old with exercises, music and games based on ballets and Children’s stories. Pre-School Family Theme Night designed for 3-6 years old and Families to come together and have fun, through making music, to learning rhythms, building forts, dancing, and generally having a good time.

For Pre-Teens:
Beg/Int Broadway Dance is open to children in grades 4-7. Created as a drop-in class and not as a series, students will work on excerpts of the original and adapted choreographies from different Broadway shows each week. 
Beg/Int. Family Pilates designed for grades 4-7 and families is a fun way to challenge your family to work out next to you, and benefit from overall toning, core-strengthening and flexibility exercises.
For Teens:
High school students and adults can join us for either a fun and challenging workout for Int/Adv Pilates for overall toning, flexibility, and core stability, or Int/Adv Conditioning for strength, and cardio.
We also offer Adv. Broadway Dance and Jazz Technique where you will learn about and discuss the history of selected Broadway shows, and work on excerpts of the original and adapted choreographies.
Check the C & C Calendar for drop-in classes.

Be Social: is a one-night gathering where a guest drops-in to teach a few steps of a particular genre of social dance……like Tango, Salsa, Rumba….even Hip Hop.  We talk a little history, learn the steps, and leave some time at the end for free dance to practice and have fun.  This group is usually geared for ages 16 and up.  We’ll let you know if it’s a Family Night.
Gatherings are virtual for now.  Solo or couples.  No dance experience is needed!
Visit Be Social: for upcoming dates.

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